Analysis of the high-pressure section of GT

For MAN Diesel&Turbo, we conducted a strength analysis of the high-pressure section of a gas turbine. The analysis was based on a 2D axially symmetric model and its aim was to evaluate the structure of the turbine in terms of strength and to determine radial strains and axial strains during the operation of the turbine. The analysis was conducted for the static parts of both high-pressure section, for both steady and transient state conditions.

The main purpose was to identify the crucial points in the structure of the turbine and to check these points to ensure the required number of cycles. The results of the analysis allowed us to optimise the materials used in producing the components of the turbine.
In addition, we produced curves illustrating the changes in tolerances between the cooperating parts of the turbine, mostly in the sealing points. As a result, we reduced the risk of collision between the cooperating static and rotating parts of the turbine.