Thermal and structure analysis of a HP GT blade

General Engineering Solutions has conducted several thermal and strength analyses of blades and disks of gas turbines (in steady and transient states) for the leading manufacturers of the turbomachinery industry.
Within the range of our capabilities are, inter alia, determination of the temperature distribution and calibration of a thermal model based on the data obtained during the tests (eg. thermal paint test). The results of the analyses are the starting point for structural analyses which take into account issues such as creep, LCF I TMF.

Our engineers in their everyday work carry out structural analyses of turbine blade system for both high and low pressure sections. In the case of shaped platforms we are able to determine the necessary torsion angle at the top of the blade and select the appropriate contact stresses in order to ensure the correct operation of the blade as well as minimize stress concentration at critical locations.
In addition, in order to complement the analyses of turbine blade systems, we carry out pre-stress modal analyses taking into account the actual contact area between the cooperating blades as well as the analyze of the impact of temperature distribution and rotational speed on the level and the form of vibrations.