Strength analysis of an axial compressor casing

For one of our customers, MAN Diesel&Turbo, we conducted an analysis of an axial compressor casing. The aim was to evaluate the distribution of stresses and the degree of thermal strain in both steady state and transient state (transient analysis). The analysis was based on a 3D model, for which we conducted a thermal analysis. Based on the analysis, we calculated the strength values for the entire working cycle of the product. This allowed us to locate the areas and points in time with the greatest concentration of stresses.

This analysis allowed for verifying the number of cycles (at the most crucial points) that the machine can achieve. The results of thermal strain analysis were also used to determine tolerances between the cooperating steering wheel blades and the shaft as well as between the rotor blades and the compressor casing. These calculations were later used for producing curves illustrating a change in the nominal distance in time between the cooperating parts of the compressor, which allowed us to eliminate the potential threat of collision.

The size of the model used in the analysis was around 1.5 million knots and the grid was based on second-order elements.